About Us

Who we are

Tivok Energy Middle East Pty Ltd (TEME) was established by Tivok Energy and like persuasive speech examples outline minded partners to service the exciting, rapidly growing Middle Eastern heating and cooling market. It follows Tivoks success as custom written essay an international enterprise, and responds to the increasing pressure for Middle Eastern government bodies to endorse sustainable alternatives, and the regions suitable climate.

Recently, increased urbanisation, the rise of consumerism and high urban densities in Middle Eastern countries have led to greater energy usage, carbon emissions and environmental degradation; creating a need for alternative sustainable solutions. In response, Government bodies throughout the region are commissioning sustainable design projects and providing financial incentives for energy efficient buildings and the installation of small renewable energy systems, making them more commercially viable.

Tivok Energy Middle East is meeting this demand in the marketplace and assisting the achievement of government endorsed sustainability goals, by providing energy efficient and renewable heating and cooling solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications; helping reduce carbon emissions and create a healthier environment for the Middle East. Our systems are an ideal fit for the Middle Easts warmer climate as it raises the Coefficient of Performance (COP) of our technology to create even greater energy efficiency, particularly in the south. Furthermore, TEME is offering additional renewable alternatives by partnering with key technology providers in the Solar PV and Energy Efficient lighting sectors, adding further value to the project/s.


Our vision

Our aim is to be the world’s leader in efficient and stylish living comfort products; reducing energy consumption by educating households and business’ with an informed global supply chain.

Our mission

To provide energy efficient living comfort solutions by empowering trade professionals through comprehensive education, flexible business support and products we’re passionate about.

Our philosophy

At Tivok Energy we believe that comfort shouldn’t be the largest part of your energy bill.  So we’ve set out to design and manufacture energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions built on leading technologies and renewable energy sources to deliver living comfort that’s lighter on your wallet and greener on the planet.