Swimming Pool and Spa Solutions

Swimming pools and spas are a commercial and residential asset you should be able to enjoy year round without the deterrence of a substantial heating price tag. Our systems allow just that, with highly energy efficient heating that saves 65% on energy compared to gas heating and 80% on energy compared to electric heating, drastically decreasing your pool and spa heating bill. We pride ourselves on our system safety and durability and our range serves residential, commercial and Olympic-sized pools. The systems heat water up to 40°C and are suitable for fresh water, salt water and chlorinated pools and spas. They boast payback periods as low as 8 months, and add value to your property through increased usability of your recreational assets.

The Tivok system

Case Study

Lifestyle Manor Bondi

Tivok Energy provided 2 x T-PHP200AB pool heat pumps to replace an ageing gas pool heating system at Lifestyle Manor. The savings generated from the Tivok Pool Heat Pumps allowed full system payback within 2 years.


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